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Educate men without religion and you make of them but clever devils. – Arthur Wellesley

As for me this quote is interesting because this Arthur Wellesley, a historically famous English/Irish officer (serving in Waterloo etc.) grew up and studied at a Catholic school. The problem for religious people is that they think they have is  monopoly on ethic issues, and the ”right” ethics (morals IOW). Such ideas like the one in the quote is just an example where they try to allege this right. What they really do is enslave scientific thought within historical conventions. Within religion, man and science can never truly be free. Everything else is seen as ”evil”.. Just take a look on the Old testament. Eating the apple of knowledge was an evil act giving man free will, which resulted in that man was thrown out of ”paradise”. What religion and such institutional structures of belief i. e. want you to do is not think for yourself, reaching for wonders that can not fit into the binder of the Tora, Bible and the Koran. I would argue that science without religion is freedom, but that science without belief is not science at all. The confusion of belief and religion is a result of the power structure that religion is and have always been. Therefore by my account, what truly is “evil”  is Religion, as any other  kind of dictatorship.

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